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Christmas Delivery Deadline!

All I Want For Christmas is PIZZA! It’s no secret that “Pizza Night” is a favorite meal-time among households everywhere.  With all that bread, sauce and gooey cheese, what’s not to love!  Consider taking your family pizza night to the next level this year by investing in the Baking Steel.  It’s the gift that keeps […]

Pizza and Holidays

The Holidays are just around the corner.  Give the gift that helps your loved ones create the crust they crave.  Order a Baking Steel today!  Orders placed this week will be shipped in time for Christmas!

One step closer to creating the crust you crave!

Two months ago we completed our Kickstarter campaign and set out to fulfill our 500 pledges. During this time, we opened our website to pre-orders.  To our surprise, orders rolled in by hundreds!  Having shipped all Kickstarter pledges by mid-October, our team has been working around the clock to fill all these new orders as […]

Order Update for Baking Steel

For the next few weeks, we’ll be shipping 7 days after order. Then, once we get our feet under us further, we’ll target shipping the following business day.

Bringing Pizza And Friends Together!

Yesterday we were invited to Milton, MA. to visit with some good friends and celebrate with pizza, friends and family. It was awesome!

Modernist Cuisine Brings Secret of Pizza Home

Modernist Cuisine knows cooking. Now, you can bring their knowledge home. If you are a pizza fan, don’t miss one HUGE tip for making the perfect pie. You guessed it…steel. Read on, dear friends. Read on.

Baking Steels are in the Mail!

Head to the market and stock up on your favorite pizza dough ingredients – the Steels are in the mail!  We’ve been hard at work these past few weeks fulfilling all of our Baking Steel first production run orders for our loyal Kickstarter investors.  We’ve shipped more than 300 steels so far – all September […]

The Baking Steel Pledges Support to The Greater Boston Food Bank!

Stoughton Steel knows that hunger hurts.  That’s why we’ve chosen to become an involved sponsor of the Greater Boston Food Bank’s (GBFB’s) mission to end hunger in eastern Massachusetts.  “We are excited by our new partnership with Stoughton Steel,” said Carrie Clark, Manager of Corporate Relations at the Greater Boston Food Bank.  “Everyone has a […]


The Baking Steel Delivers!

Last week, Kenji over at came out with his beautifully written review of our Baking Steel.  We have posted the article below.   We want to thank Kenji for his thorough review, we seriously love Serious Eats!  Some of our incredible kickstarter peeps, you if you haven’t already, you will be receiving your Baking […]

The Word is Out…and its Good! is the place to go (on the web) for all things pizza.  From recipes to equipment, to the latest restaurant, they know the goods and they are sharing the news with readers everywhere.  We sent our 1/4″ Baking Steel to J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, the chief creative officer of so he could put it […]