Products We Manufacture

Stoughton Steel Company Inc. is the proud manufacturer of FlipPad International and Baking Steel.

FlipPad International

Long ago, backhoe operators needed to switch out their stabilizer pads when they moved from soft to hard work-surfaces. But one particular backhoe operator (our founder, Andry Lagsdin) was convinced there had to be an easier way. So he created a reversible stabilizer pad that eradicated the need to change pads on backhoes—the FlipPad.

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Baking Steel

After years of trying to make the perfect pizza crust with all kinds of pans and stones, Andris Lagsdin (with the help of Nathan Myhrvold) finally found the tool to “create the crust you crave.” With the Baking Steel, you can finally make that delicious, crispy pizza crust at home.

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